Precision Foundations, Inc. (PFI) as an organization has been in operation since 2009. In September 2018, the team transitioned from a foundation division of Southeast Power into the separate entity that it is today. The main purpose and specialties have not changed from staying focused on meeting the growing needs of our clients. Precision Foundations prioritizes the needs of our clients by careful planning of projects to facilitate the field operations. As with most projects, nothing begins without a foundation and a quality foundation supports everything to come afterward. The team at PFI is comprised of experience in foundation construction supplemented with the insight of technical engineering and design aspects associated with the power industry of today. With this combination, not only are we efficient in executing projects, we also know and value what is important to the engineers that the utilities rely on. We serve our customers by looking for conflicts in the field before they get to construction. This not only benefits PFI, but also reduces the chances for decisions to be made under pressures of time on a job-site and the consequences that can often lead to costly revisions.  

Precision Foundations, Inc. is a subsidiary of Power Corporation of America (PCA). PFI makes it a priority to work seamlessly with our fellow owned PCA companies to provide our clients with an efficiently coordinated project every time. Furthermore, with PFI being an independent stand-alone entity, we are able to serve any contractor or utility directly as a sub-contractor or direct contractor for our services.

In addition to the foundation construction services offered by PFI, we also have the capability to serve our customers with engineering design support. From foundation design to full transmission line projects (new or rebuild) we possess the capability and experience in congested urban areas to open right of ways. By maintaining in house engineering services, we are able to offer true design capabilities. This paired with the history of successful construction project experience and company structure also allows for EPC style services to be offered to our clients.

Our primary areas of work:

Foundation Construction

  • Drilled shaft foundations for transmission line structures.
  • Drilled shaft foundations for substation structures;
  • Directly embedded concrete and rock backfill structures.
  • Vibratory caissons and foundation sleeves for challenging soil and site conditions.

We have the capability to install drilled shaft foundations up to 13 feet in diameter and 100 feet in depth. We utilize the wet slurry, rock drilling, and dry soils methods, as well as vibratory caissons anywhere in the country.

Our additional services:

Engineering Design and Support

  • New Foundation Design & Existing Capacity Analysis
    • Direct Embed
    • Drilled Shaft with Anchor Bolts
    • Vibrator Caissons
  • Custom Structure Design and Procurement
    • Engineered/Standard Steel
    • Engineered/Standard Concrete
  • Transmission Line Design
    • Feasibility Studies – Evaluation of Conductor Upgrades
    • Conductor Selection
    • Conductor Upgrades for Existing Lines
    • New or Rebuild Lines
    • Existing Structure Analysis
    • Structure Replacement/Modification
      • Self-Supporting
      • Guyed Structures
    • Material Selection
    • Electromagnetic Field (EMF) FDEP Compliance
      • Studies and Permitting of Existing Facilities
      • Studies and Permitting of Proposed Facilities
  • Construction Support
    • Preliminary Planning/Consulting
    • In-Field Survey Coordination
    • Field Engineering Oversight (3rd Party or Primary)
  • As-Built Services
    • Primary or Independent Review of Installed Projects
    • Survey Coordination (Ground OR LiDAR)
    • Line Modeling
    • Rating Analysis/Documentation
  • Owners Engineering Services
    • Review of proposed designs
    • Right of Way Encroachment Support
    • NERC Assessment, Remediation and Compliance
      • Clearance Analysis
      • Rating Documentation
    • Maintenance pole replacements
    • Road Right of Way Relocations
    • Joint Use Analysis (Underbuilt or Cellular)
    • Field Engineering Inspection/Supervision