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Transmission Line

For transmission line type utility work we are experienced with installing foundations in various terrain conditions. From congested urban city streets to swamps and mountain sides we are experienced and equipped to handle the changing right of way conditions. We self-perform the installation for drilled shaft foundations with diameters of up to 13-ft and up to 100 ft below grade. We utilize the wet slurry in challenging soil conditions, can perform drilling in rock, dry holes and can install foundation casings or bases with the vibratory hammer.

Our primary areas of work:

  • Drilled Shafts
  • Direct Embed Pole Bases (Rock Backfill or Concrete Backfill)
  • Vibratory Pole Base
  • Switch Structure Foundations (Formed Spread Footers or Drilled Shaft)
  • Vibratory Caisson Installations (Temporary or Permanent)